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Polestar 2: The cool electric car which puts design in the driving seat

By Nicki Bamford-Bowes @andthentheywentwild

Paid collaboration with Polestar Cars @PolestarCars

As a designer, it’s not often I’m asked to support the launch of a new car. But it’s not often that a car is as cool as the Polestar 2. This is a cutting-edge electric performance vehicle, created by designers with every single detail considered, inside and out. So, it was a real honour when Polestar asked to feature me in the global digital campaign to celebrate its UK debut.


Polestar contacted me to be part of the campaign because it believes in design and designers. In turn, I was drawn to partnering with Polestar because, like everyone else, I want a better, greener planet to hand down to future generations. And I have to admit, my car-obsessed husband was incredibly jealous that I’d get to drive his dream vehicle!

Like many of us, I’d been curious about the electric car revolution. I expected the Polestar 2 to be technologically advanced. What I didn’t expect was that driving it would be such a joy.

When designing interiors, it’s vital that the end result doesn’t just look good, but that every detail works for the people at the heart of it. That it makes their lives better. This is design with a purpose. That’s my goal with every project I work on – a goal I share with Polestar.

The Campaign Shoot

I arrived in East London at 6am, clutching a coffee, straight into hair and makeup. As I was getting polished and prepped, so was the car, with a team buffing the snowy paintwork to perfection. I felt like a celebrity, but the car was definitely the star. It’s a real head-turner and is loaded with presence.

Filming, on set

It was my first chance to get up close and personal and first impressions were super-favourable. It’s sensational to look at. From the dynamic, contemporary lines and unique origami-inspired headlights to the highly distinctive, futuristic rear LED light-blade. Even the Polestar 2’s clean, frameless side mirrors are a perfect example of the designers’ aesthetic approach. Form and function in their simplest expression. Which is for me, the ultimate in design.

All in the details – clean, frameless mirrors
Chaser camera set-up
Lights, camera, action

I set off with a walkie-talkie in the car to communicate with the director. There were cameras strapped to the front and back of the car, as well as inside, to capture my every move. From the minute I hit the road, I was amazed to find how much attention this car attracts. As I cruised silently through the urban streets, people’s heads swivelled to stare. The electric engine is clean, smooth, responsive and incredibly quiet. Yet there’s more than enough power in reserve to thrill should you need it. Plus, zero-emissions means guilt-free driving.

I admit that I was worried about the process of charging an electric car. But it’s incredibly easy. And you don’t need to be at home to do it. Almost every service station now has charging points, but on the shoot, I simply plugged the Polestar 2 into one of the growing number of charging points brilliantly hidden in converted lamp posts. So clever! Who knew? The Polestar team told me that our cars generally spend 90% of their time parked – leaving plenty of time to recharge either at home or on the road.

polestarcars andthentheywentwild
Charging the car via converted lamp-posts
polestarcars andthentheywentwild
polestarcars andthentheywentwild

The shoot took three days over various London locations. On the final day I really got to put my foot down. Pursued by a ‘chaser car’ containing the directors, I was filmed tackling the curves of Limehouse Tunnel at night. I felt as if I was in a Bond movie. So much fun! When the team were all satisfied that the footage was perfect, it was a wrap. Bosh. And done.

Every detail considered. Driving by design.

The Polestar 2 is a car that’s good for the planet but it’s designed around the driver. Everyone likes the personal touch, and I love that this car can recognise its owner from the moment it senses the key fob. A unique light sequence greeted me when I touched the door handle. Other things that make you feel special include remembering your preferred seat configuration and even your voice. Ultra-responsive Google-enabled controls can operate both via an intuitive tablet-style touch screen or by voice control.

As a parent and designer living in London, my weekends are often spent ferrying my three children to activities, and my weeks spent meeting clients. I love getting things done, and this car can help. From finding the best route to wherever I’m going or staying connected to clients or family, all I needed to do was say, "Hey Google" to get started. I could also use my voice to stream music, make appointments and send messages – ideal for when my car so often needs to double as an office. Plus, the Polestar 2 keeps you in touch with your current charge level and lets you know where the nearest charge points are at any point in your journey.


The car can also link seamlessly with my smartphone. I could even connect with smart home features via the Google Home app. That means I could put on the central heating, look in the fridge, or even get the robot vacuum started while still on the road, which is amazing.

I loved the elegant, modern yet playful interior. It’s entirely vegan, with luxurious seats upholstered in an innovative WeaveTech fabric inspired by high-tech sportswear. I even fell in love with the cute, golden-coloured seat belts. After all, who said seat belts have to be black? Expect to see this design innovation copied everywhere in a year or two. Even the gear shifter is beautiful, topped with a glowing Polestar logo.

polestarcars andthentheywentwild
I loved the golden seatbelts – that extra special touch
polestarcars andthentheywentwild

Panelling is one of my design signatures, so I appreciated the use of sustainable wood veneer panels which contribute to the interior’s sense of contemporary sophistication. The panoramic glass roof floods the car with light and creates the illusion of more space. Driving is essential to my life, but the Polestar 2 makes it a feel-good experience.

Greener and cleaner for a more beautiful planet

The whole design world is moving towards sustainability, using more natural, renewable and recycled materials, without skimping on style. Modern luxury can be eco-friendly, and The Polestar 2 ticks all the boxes.

Over the last year, many of us have felt more committed than ever to looking at how we live and how we can tread more lightly on this one planet of ours and build a better future. And it’s the same for the designers behind the Polestar 2. The Polestar 0 project aims to use design to create the first truly climate neutral car by 2030. Forget offsetting emissions by planting trees, Polestar aims to eradicate all all emissions stemming from production, meaning it leaves the factory with no carbon footprint. It’s an incredibly impressive ambition.

I was reluctant to say goodbye to the Polestar 2, because this is a car that uses design to create change and improve lives. As I left, it even signalled farewell with a unique light display from those iconic blades.

Polestar 2 looks and feels like the car the future promised.

Polestar 2 signalled farewell from those iconic lights.

Experience Polestar performance

I can’t fully describe the pleasure of the 100% electric driving experience in words. Getting behind the wheel of the Polestar 2 blew me away – wildly exceeding all my expectations. So why wait to try it for yourself? Wherever you are in the UK, Polestar specialists are on hand to introduce you to the thrill of driving a Polestar car and to answer any questions you might have.

Visit here to book your test drive now.


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