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A master class in sideboard styling

With Nicki Bamford-Bowes

Paid collaboration for Cox & Cox

This year marks the 20th anniversary of online style destination Cox & Cox, @coxandcox. To celebrate, I had the honour of showcasing the company’s classic hero piece, the Chevron Oak sideboard, in my home. Cox & Cox challenged me to style the sideboard two very different looks as well as share my Style Notes on how I created my top tips to help you refresh your home with ease this season. See the full article below, and also on the Cox & Cox blog here.


Spring-summer means refresh time – so we’re taking on those tired views at home. Nicki Bamford-Bowes, @andthentheywentwild, shows us how easy it is to fall in love with our rooms again (and again) using a little bit of creative flair, a timeless classic and some simple styling rules. Nicki took the versatile Chevron Oak Sideboard from our Classics collection, a versatile piece for a hallway, dining room or living room, and styles it two ways to show us all how easy it is to transform our look at home this season.

Styling a sideboard is not just about the items on it. Consider the room as a whole, the colour palette and the textures in the space. Remember to utilise the space on either side, above and in front of the sideboard. For my first look, “Monochrome Drama”, all about playing with scale for a dramatic and striking interior, I picked an oversized plant, large statement art and a giant clamshell to accessorise the classic sideboard. Wall lights are a great choice if you want to make a space feel more premium.



"I love to contrast strong graphic shapes with softer ones, such as those in this stunning piece of abstract wall art."

Adding detail through texture is also key to a successful scheme. This season, there’s a strong trend towards nature-inspired textures, such as the natural wood grain in the console, the texture in the shell, the wool rug and the plant. Panelling can be a simple way to add texture and interest to a blank wall. It can be surprisingly inexpensive and even soundproof and add insulation to keep your home warmer. In this case, I chose to install tongue and groove panelling diagonally rather than in the traditional upright pattern and I love how this gives a striking, modern look.

"The wavy edge of the clamshell repeats the zig-zag theme, a decorative piece like this is a great way to introduce interest even when the colour palette is limited."

Echoing shapes is an effective trick that interior designers often use to bring a scheme together. In this case, taking inspiration from the chevron stripes on the sideboard front, I opted to place it in front of my own diagonally angled tongue and groove panelling and used a rug with a similar stripe pattern too. A limited colour palette like this one creates a feeling of calm. Subtly echo shades in your accessories, your lamp and vase, for a cohesive look.

Including greenery brings colour and life to a monochrome scheme. Think about what’s on either side of your statement piece of furniture. This is an opportunity to add height and interest. In this case, I used a beautiful, large plant, but a floor lamp or wall light can be equally effective.



"This look is all about soft colours, sparkling glassware and statement florals and creating a soft, vintage vibe that’s full of the joys of spring."

I took inspiration from the pink panelled walls in my living room at home for this look. The French term for this type of panelling is ‘boiserie’. It uses simple, inexpensive wooden mouldings applied directly to the walls to create an elegant, vintage look that is reminiscent of Parisian apartments. It is such an easy way to transform a room. The colour inspiration here is pink – I picked up the colour in complementary shades on the accessories, from the glassware to the tableware.

"When styling your ‘sideboardscape’ use a tray to group accessories and think about using items that are different heights as this creates a more interesting look."

Glass and huge mirrors bounce around all that glorious spring light. This convex mirror has a fabulous antiqued finish to the glass for an authentic vintage feel, while the simple frame keeps the look crisp and contemporary. Don’t forget pendant lights can be hung over a sideboard to allow more room for styling and draw your eye up. Group two or three for interest. In this look, the tall floral arrangement balances the lighting for elegant symmetry.

"Add Spring vibes and colour with seasonal blooms and think beyond a bunch of daffs – I love going large with oversized branches to add height and grandeur beside more humble blooms."
How the looks came together

Words, styling and interiors by Nicki Bamford-Bowes






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