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Right on trend with rattan

The rattan trend has made a huge come back in interiors.

Here are my top tips for bringing this beautiful trend into your home.

By Nicki Bamford-Bowes.

In collaboration with award-winning, aspirational lifestyle store, The Modern Nursery. Contemporary nursery décor + toys for the modern family. @themodernnursery

In conversation with The Modern Nursery...

At The Modern Nursery we absolutely adore the rattan trend with it's vintage and boho charm that we're seeing everywhere this season. Why are you such a fan Nicki? There is so much to love about rattan – as well as the trend for other natural materials such as jute, bamboo, straw, cane and wicker. They are all big in the world of interiors right now and they are not going anywhere soon. Rattan adds texture and warmth to the room, but it is also durable and strong and because it is natural it makes it particularly ideal for kids rooms.

Rattan has been around for decades and was huge in the 70’s, so I love the fact that it has a feeling of nostalgia with a cosy snug vibe. Its neutral colours make it really easy to accessorise and style.

As consumers and designers we are becoming much more aware of ethically sourced, sustainable and natural organic products – as well as those that are biodegradable. We are therefore turning more and more to sourcing items made from natural materials that are environmentally conscientious choices – so choosing materials such as rattan has lots of pluses.

How can you easily bring the rattan trend in to your kids room design?

Styling accessories and toys are the easiest way to introduce smaller elements of natural materials into a room. It could be simply through a rattan light shade like the Ferm Living Braided lampshade, or a jute rug like the Ferm Living Dots rug. Woven baskets are brilliant for storing kids toys in and are light and easy for children to move around like the Olli Ella Belly Basket. There are also lots of great children’s toys available made out of woven basket for example. One of my favourites being the Olli Ella Luggy and also the Strolley Stroller.

You could go larger and introduce rattan through furniture. A big rattan hanging chair with a soft furry sheepskin and battery operated fairy lights makes a magical focal point and a fun but cosy reading hang out.

I love vintage rattan beds styled with lots of linen or wool scatter cushions.

Add a separate rattan peacock headboard to an ordinary single bed for additional vintage charm. Drape the bed in a chunky wool throw to create a relaxed boho vibe.

A rattan Moses basket or a woven changing basket such as the Olli Ella Reva Oval Changing Basket are not only practical but beautiful and add a real wow factor to the nursery.

Finally incorporate others elements into the room design that reflect nature – such as a big botanical or woodland mural behind the bed. Or additional styling with natural details such as Pampas grass.

Image Copyright: Sageandclare, Annette O'Brien and Julia Green

What colour palette would you recommend to compliment rattan pieces?

Neutral or tonal earthy colour palettes such a terracottas, blush pinks, oatmeal and mustards work particularly well with natural rattan. Dusky pastels also compliment rattan beautifully. Include other natural textures into the design such as linen, cotton and wool. Pairing rattan pieces with woods such as birch ply furniture items in the form of wardrobes, shelving like the Ferm Living Round Dorm shelf or side tables can help keep the room at a soft and natural vibe. The great thing about rattan is that it can also be be painted or sprayed for a more vibrant colour palette such as pink or yellow to add colour pops to the room.

What are the top things to consider when designing a kids nursery, room or play area?

When I design a space for a child I always consider it as a multi-purpose space. Sleeping. Chill time – such as reading. Playing and crafting too. No matter what the size of the room you can try and incorporate many of these areas. I love to design in zones for kids, add height and hide-y holes. I create little reading nooks with comfy cushions and easily accessible books. This could be in the form of a den under a raised bed perhaps with a little curtain for privacy, or perhaps a teepee that could be put away at times.

It is important that the toys are on accessible level for the children to dip in and out of to suit their play. Don’t forget the all important hidden storage for clothes / seasonal changes and additional toys – you can swap out and change up items for interest so you are not always knee deep in toys.

Kids love to climb so high beds are always a winner plus they give you more floor space for play, a desk or perhaps a chill out sofa underneath. If you have the space, why not integrate a climbing wall or go wild and include a swing!


Nicki's 5 favourite rattan items from The Modern Nursery and how to style them.

1. I am totally obsessed with this mini version of the vintage rattan bed. Braided in natural bamboo and rattan, the mini Kuku Bed makes a super cute and stylish bed for dolls and teddies. Paired next to the full size single bed version would look utterly adorable.

2. Style your rattan with other natural materials such as this gorgeous wool OYOY Follow The Rainbow Wall Rug. Pick up the muted colour palette in the rainbow and pull the colours through to other parts of the room by including a linen canopy such as the 3. Cam Cam Copenhagen Bed Canopy to drape over the bed our create a reading nook with a sheepskin rug.

4. I love the quirky Pear Ferm Living storage baskets. Not only are they fun, sometimes you just want to put a lid on it! Because they are rattan they are light and easy to remove so still very accessible for toys.

Finally number 5; a big soft Berber rug is the perfect rattan partner you can’t go wrong with. It is all natural, soft and gorgeous for children's spaces – perfect for little ones to roll around on. The Lorena Canals Berber Washable Rug has the extra bonus of being machine washable. #winning!


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