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Whether your project is residential or commercial, home staging, product styling for photoshoots or set styling – Nicki has a unique way of putting together items to create photogenic, elegant and modern spaces. 

Residential styling

Creating a home that reflects the character of its owners and the things they love is Nicki’s particular skill. A home with a heart incorporates the owner’s precious possessions to tell a story about the people that live there. How these are put together is what turns a house into a home to love and to love living in. Nicki can cleverly source the perfect accessories, artwork, lighting and one-off pieces of furniture to give your home distinctive character and individuality.  Nicki can also advise on reducing clutter and staging your home to sell. 

Commercial styling

Nicki has worked with brands such as independent home store Gently and major home brand Habitat. She can curate product ranges, art direct and style their products in a lifestyle environment. She also worked as set stylist for interior and fashion shoots as prop and set styling.

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